Tuesday, December 18, 2012

TransMedia Group Publicity Helps Make Venus World's Most Famous Cat

TransMedia Group's worldwide publicity for Venus, the captivatingly adorable "two-faced" cat, including an appearance on NBC Today Show, has resulted in an exciting new contract for the cat's owners with the GUND® division of Enesco, LLC, one of the world's leading manufacturers of stuffed animals for gifts and collectibles.
"When there seems to be a new cute kitten gaining YouTube fame each week, it's tough to stand out from the cat crowd," said Tom Madden, TransMedia founder and CEO, "but we managed to do it."

Madden's firm made Venus the internet star du jour thanks in large part to the work of TransMedia publicists who placed Venus on national media, while making her a social media sensation, Madden said.

Venus has several YouTube videos which have been seen over 2 million times and has her own Facebook page that TransMedia helps to manage, where she has attracted more than 85,000 fans from almost every country around the world.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Dry Fried Wings Ready To Roll Into DC Market

Following a remarkably successful launch in Ft. Lauderdale, FL led by NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal, The Dry Fried Wing Company (OTC: EEDG) is taking roots in the Washington, DC market with the signing of a Licensing Agreement with The Box Bar & Grill. http://theboxbarandgrill.com 

"The wings are off the charts and there's nothing better with sports, friends and drink than amazing wings," said George Farrell, owner of the Bethesda, MD Sports Bar. "I am in the process of franchising The Box Bar and Grill and will be making the entire Dry Fried Wings menu an integral part of our concept. Holiday season is upon us and we plan to begin co-branding Dry Fried Wings before the New Year. It will have a tremendous impact and keep customers coming back."

"We are extremely excited to break into the dynamic DC Market with an up and coming Sports Bar concept," said Dry Fried Wings co-founder Dr. Benjamin Chavis.

The Company will also be opening co-branded units in three premier Bravo Pizza locations in Manhattan as well as several pizzerias in South Florida in the coming weeks.

For more information http://dryfriedwings.com/

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The All Natural Bone and Joint Supplement, My Perfect Bones

Gigi Stetler is an inspiring entrepreneur that has turned her passion for horses into a blossoming career.

An animal lover that worked in the horse industry for years; her hard work, and compassion lead her to create her own horse school “riding with style,” based in Broward County, Fl.

But after years of experience with riding, and owning horses she realized how frequently these beautiful creatures experienced bone problems especially those used for professional purposes.

She knew she had to do something – so she created “The Perfect Bones” a supplement line made specifically for horse’s bones that helps protect them. The products are strongly recommended since they are “natural” and carry no side effects. They use organic minerals and patented all natural supplements to fight, reduce, and reverse the symptoms felt by the patient.

The product was so effective that she created the same line of supplements for humans to improve their lifestyle. People have been amazed about the results of the product:

“…As I aged, my vigorous workout routine left me a lot more sore and with much less energy. Taking My Perfect Joints allowed me to maintain the same workout without any pain. Aging no longer hinders me from working out as hard as I want" - Richard, Marketer.”

The product is helping people and animals to prevent injuries and to be more efficient in the everyday lives, for more information visit www.myperfectbones.com .